Romanian online Books in Print catalogue 2008 - 2001


The Association of Romanian Publishers, AER, requested the CEEBP to assist in developing a Romanian online Books in Print catalogue (BIP).

The online BIP catalogue, to be launched in late spring 2009, will provide public information about all books from Romanian publishers with an ISBN which are available on the market, the price of the book, and how and where to acquire the books listed. It will also contain reviews of books and information about authors, translators, publishers, bookshops, antiquarian bookshops, book distributors, importers and exporters, libraries, with links to all relevant websites. A regular newsletter will be sent to subscribers with alerts on new books and book-related news, such as literary prizes, book launches, and other events and developments in the book trade.

The project provides (a) the knowledge and training needed for the development, maintenance and use of the BIP catalogue, (b) promotion, (c) partial funding for the three year project period on a decreasing scale, and guidance in financing the Books in Print - itself a non-profit activity - increasingly by the project participants to make it fully self-sustainable at the end of the project.

The project is made possible with the financial support of the Erste Foundation in Vienna.

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